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Aware and Aligned:

A Guided Meditation Practice



This guided meditation practice aligns the mind and body by bringing curious, compassionate, non-judgmental awareness to the breath, physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions.  This simple practice is a powerful tool for creating a sense of clam, gaining perspective and responding vs. reacting in stressful moments.   

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This meditation is a powerful tool that, when used regularly, will help you:

  • cultivate a sense of inner peace

  • build resilience during times of change, stress, or uncertainty

  • strengthen self-awareness while reducing self-judgment

  • navigate difficult emotions

  • strengthen your ability to respond vs. react

"When the mind and the body are aligned, the heart is unconfined."

~John Travis, American Meditation Teacher

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Bonnie is a clinical social worker who has devoted her career to helping others create joy, fulfillment, and well-being in their lives.  She specializes in mindfulness-based practices, self-compassion, and stress reduction, and is passionate about helping others learn to access the wisdom, serenity, and power of the present moment.  Bonnie helps her clients build resilience to stress, clarify deeply-held values, foster deeper connections with others, and increase joy and contentment.  Her approach is a way of life.  Though we cannot control all of the circumstances in our lives, we can choose to respond to them in ways that foster growth and optimize well-being. Bonnie maintains a therapy practice and teaches mindfulness, self-compassion, and stress-reduction classes throughout the Idaho Falls community.

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